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Second Sun LED L 4e441714199e9

14\" Diameter
9\" Height
9 to 15 pounds

Our Lights are 1/3 of the size and weight of a typical Metal Halide fixture


SSI: The LED AdvantageLED

Energy Savings – You will immediately see a significant reduction in power consumption (typically 75% or more).

Maximum Efficiency – Our patent pending technology utilizes 100% light output where you need it.

Maintenance Free – 10+ year life expectancy. No bulbs to change or ballasts to replace.

LedClose  Environmentally Friendly – Significant reduction in carbon footprint. No harmful   contaminants (unlike Metal Halide and many other lighting options, our LED technology is mercury free).

  Adjustable – Light intensity and pattern easily adjust to meet your particular lighting needs.

  Immediate Response – No warm up delays, providing instant on/off
capabilities not found in most other lighting options.

Universal Power Supply – Just 2 wires and ground. Connect to 120V, 208V, 240V, or 277V. No need to change transformers or taps.

Power factor corrected – Our products exceed .98 Power Factor.