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PEARL is a national non-profit trade association whose purpose is to:

  • Create and elevate standards of performance and business practices in the electrical remanufacturing and redistribution industry.
  • Educate the industrial community about the significant services provided by this network of businesses.
  • Create a channel of communication between industry and the business network.
  • Visit the PEARL web site by clicking here.

If you are in the market for electrical products you may already be aware of some of the benefits that new surplus or used reconditioned surplus materials offer. 

When you deal with PEARL members you can be assured of working with skilled professionals who are committed to delivering a safe high quality product.  PEARL members are committed to abide by the PEARL Code of Business Practice. 

When you see a PEARL Seal on a product you will know that is has been reconditioned to meet or exceed the PEARL Reconditioning Standards.

There are a number of advantages that PEARL members have over their competitors that are consequently passed on to their clients such as:

  • Education and assistance through PEARL Reconditioning Standards
  • Members share information with one another
  • Legislation awareness
  • Respect of electrical peer groups
  • Networking with trusted vendors and suppliers

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